Wednesday 29th January 2014
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The major Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Honda have been hit with problematic recalls. Toyota being the leading manufacturer for recalls in America for the second year running, and Honda being the number one in the UK. The once highly acclaimed manufacturers are now facing ridicule.

Statistics reveal more than 850,000 cars were recalled last year in Britain alone and thousands more in America. Fortunately though, there hasn't been any accidents due to the vehicle malfunctions.

Problematic Japanese cars being recalled

Japanese cars are renowned for quality and reliability, but over the last couple of years they have been under scrutiny and seriously been drawn into the recalls limelight. With nearly 900,000 Japanese cars being recalled in the UK over the last two years, it now stands to reason why so many people are pretty apprehensive when buying a Japanese car.

The dominating offenders in the UK are Nissan, Toyota and Honda with the most recalled model being the Honda Jazz. The Jazz recall was due to a fire risk on an electric window switch.

Second place was the Nissan Micra for a loose steering wheel bolt. Third place on the recall list was the BMW 3 series for airbag safety checks. Other car makers high on the list were Suzuki, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Land Rover, Jeep, and Jaguar.

Toyota recalled 885,000 to fix an air bag problem which was causing it to randomly activate. The root problem was water leaking into the engine's air-conditioning unit which seeped into other car parts. This posed short circuits and other unnecessary malfunctions.

On a positive note, Japanese manufacturers are committed to customer loyalty and are generally empathetic compared to other companies; as a result, their recalls are often immediate. Recalls normally have a massive negative impact on manufacturers.

However, Japanese cars are usually the first to offer recalls before lawsuits are instigated from their customers. If you believe you are at risk contact your nearest dealers to organise a repair.