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Since 2008, Land Rover has been owned by Tata Motors, and Tata also acquired the Jaguar in the same year. Ford Motors previously owned Land Rover and Jaguar. Today Land Rover and Jaguar are recognized and known as Jaguar Land Rover, sometimes abbreviated JLR. Even though Tata is based in India, JLR’s global headquarters is based in Coventry, UK.

This company has invested millions to improve the image of their cars, fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions, the reduction of active emissions and carbon off settings. Recently, this month they won a major award for creating environmentally friendly vehicles. Although they came in second in place with their winnings, their vehicles are now intentionally made to be 85% recyclable and 95% salvageable.

Land Rover health check

This year Land Rover has made big plans for motorists; they have organised vehicle health checks and a European Guide. Land Rover recognises that there are so many laws and regulations in many European Countries. Legislations vary from giving right-of-way to cyclists, breathalysers in safety kits, how much fuel you have in your tank, give way signs, speed limits and much more. JLR is incredibly up-to-date and is waiting for JLR motorists to come forward and offer a helping hand for their holidays.

Should you not have the time to visit your local Land Rover, you can claim your free download here

Jaguar Land Rover will also test out your lighting; satellite navigation updates, tracking, your brakes, your tyres, your exhaust, all fluids, insurance, extended warranties and road ride assistance. As well as this amazing check to your vehicle, staff will be at hand to offer you related commodities and other services. They hope this will take the guess work out of your European holiday and driving.

Land Rover has manufactured some of the best vehicles in the world such as the Land Rover Discovery which supremely reigns over the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and more.