Monday 25th November 2013
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May be your not a true petrol head, but there are plenty of action packed driving games to give you a buzz. Fancy a kick behind the wheel, then check these latest driving games out. These are some of the latest and most realistic games invented. Some of these action packed driving games will make all your driving dreams come true.

Outsourcing the best action packed driving games

These action packed driving games are not necessarily brand-new for 2013. We are concentrating on the best, games that will give you tons of motoring fun right in your own home. You might not be able to afford a top-notch car, but with these action packed driving games you will be able to feel the dream.

These games are in no particular order.

Forza Motorsport 5 costs £49.99 and its platform is Xbox One. This is a gas guzzling game with very good-looking and expensive cars. Although it gives the gamer a good experience, it can feel like being in an arcade slightly. This game offers raw high speed with aggressive opponent racing.

F1 2013 Classic Edition costs £49.99 and its platforms are Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. Maybe you fancy your chances competing for the world championship or racing as Nigel Mansell. It is a demanding game and require dedication to finish this top game.

Gran Turismo 6 cost £44.99 and its platforms is PlayStation 3. At present, this is a pre-order game. This game is based on your driving experience and what you feel, not raw high speed racing. Savvy high speed racing is saved for Forza Motorsport fans.

DiRT 3 costs £21.99 and its platforms are Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. Some of these action packed driving games are not new on the market, and this is one of them. It still comes close to the top with its off-road racing. This game offers wild entertainment with speed control and graphic design. DiRT 2 is an unpredictable game, yet offers a superb interface.

Need for Speed: Rivals costs £49.99 and its platforms are PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4. PlayStation 4 is currently available for pre-ordering only. The Rival offers a new scoring system whereby gamers can risk everything. Here you are gambling your points. In a split second, you can go from zero to hero or vice versa.

F1 Race Stars costs £13.99 and its platforms are – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii. This game is suitable for under 12's. It's a children's action-packed Formula One, gamers travel the world and have the opportunity to enter various championships. It is the perfect circuit formula for young ones giving loops, shortcuts, jumps and more!

WRC 4 costs £34.99 and its platforms are Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC. This game has excellent reviews. It is a licensed game so gamers can opt to choose their favourite driver and motor. The 2013 game has over sixty plus brand-new cars and offers different settings to create the ultimate setting.

Burnout Paradise costs £10.95 and its platforms are PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. Most gamers recognize this is the most memorable game played. Its action is set in an open world paradise city, here the world is your oyster. Gamers can crash as many times as they want, and you get the explosive pile ups. This game is set to give you a true adrenaline rush.

Other action packed driving games you might want to consider are:

Wipeout HD Fury
Mario Kart 7
Project Gotham Racing
Race Driver GRID
Need for speed - Most wanted
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City