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The Citroens DS4 is one of the latest appealing cars within its price bracket, costing a little over £18,000 with optional extras. This car has been voted the most beautiful car internally and externally. The present Citroen DS4 has been built in its own country, Mulhouse France, Citroen who wanted to help boost economy, production and the company’s profitability.

Citroen DS4 launch

The Citroen DS4 has a slight sporty edge, but with a combination of a coupe and hatchback. Its exterior is charming with a unique sleek touch. This beauty is offered in four different models which can be tailored to suit the country it’s sold in. Individuals will have the option to select a three or five door coupe crossover.

Citroen’s DS4 competition would have to be the Renault Megane Coupe, Volkswagen Golf and the Honda Civic. The amazing price of the DS4 helps steer individuals away from the Audi A3 and the BMW Series 1.

The interior has been compromised, with height restrictions and less boot space; consequently it would definitely suit females or the smaller male. Other than this compromise, the cabin is classy and charmingly pleasant with undiscriminating comfort. It has a high-class feel giving credit to elite materials and finish. This car truly reflects strength and personality with sophisticated levels of equipment considering the price.

Citroen’s sturdy micro hybrid systems are offered with five engine choices, two diesels and three petrol’s under the bonnet. Engine choices are 1.6L diesel, 2.0L diesel, 1.6L VTi petrol and 1.6L turbo with either 155bhp or a 200bhp putting out an average 240 torque. The DS4 has a six speed automatic self-shifting gearbox.

Included are some genuine engineering and an intellectual chassis. The safety kit consists of the clever traction control which grips tyres on the road during bad weather. Running costs are respectfully low therefore making this car low in road tax.