Monday 17th September 2012
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Have you got or ever owned a Seat Ibiza? How the replacement parts fair? We are very interested to hear of your experiences with this vehicle and any replacement parts. Leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Seat Ibiza Overview

The Seat Ibiza is classed as a supermini car and is produced by the Spanish automobile manufacturer Seat which is now a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. This car is Seat’s most popular car and best selling car, and has been in production from 1984 to the present date. Since the Mark 2 version is when the Volkswagen Group took over the company and influenced the design of this car. These cars are well designed, stylish looking and good to drive but are not very spacious, especially in the rear and do not have the features of some of the class competitors.

Seat Ibiza History

The Seat Ibiza Mk1 (1984-93) was to become a very popular car with sound engines and stylish design. The body was designed by Italian designers Italdesign and the engines by a German manufacturing company called Karmann. This set the trend for the now familiar Ibiza design. This car fitted right between supermini and small family car in size.

The Mk2 (1993-2002) was the first Ibiza to be designed since the takeover by the Volkswagen Group and was designed on the VW A03 platform. This altered the look of the car, while maintaining the now famous Ibiza styling. In 1999 the car had a makeover which altered the front and rear ends of the car.

The Mk3 (2002-08) was designed on the PQ24 platform and was seen as a stylish, sporty looking car at reasonable prices. It received a makeover in 2006 which affected both interior and exterior parts. This car scored highly in the European safety tests, 4 out of 5 stars.

The Mk4 (2008 - present) is the current version in production. This new design concept broke away from the familiar Ibiza design, with the distinctive ‘arrow design’ and is built on the new VW PQ25 design platform.


S Copa
SE Copa
Reference Sport
Formula Sport

Fuel Economy

This car has seen a lot of different engine sizes through its time, from 0.9 – 2.0 in both petrol and diesel. The most economical of all the engines is the 1.2 TDi which offers up to an amazing 80 mpg. The rest of the range is pretty good economically, with the best petrol engine offering up to 55 mpg.


The latest gearboxes available on the current version Ibiza are 5-speed manual and 7-speed automatic. If you need any gearbox parts for your Ibiza then have a look at our Seat gearbox section which is dedicated to Seat gearbox parts.


Our Breakers have many different parts available awaiting your order. You can visit our Ibiza parts page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the exact parts you need for your vehicle.