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Globally, Lexus are manufacturers of the most luxurious vehicles. Lexus was founded in 1986 and is a subdivision of Toyota who was founded in 1933. It is one of Japan's major selling cars and is being sold in over 70 countries worldwide.

Up until 2009, Lexus has not had many issues with their cars, however, since then there has one problem after another especially with the 2010 RX350 model and the RX450 SUV. This means there have been serious concerns that could put many lives in jeopardy. These two vehicles have had to be recalled more than once. More than 150,000 of Lexus’ luxury SUV’s have been back on the recalled list. There are no additional issues with any other Lexus cars at the present moment.

The Lexus recalled issues

The RX350 and RX450H SUV problem is the floor mats. This sounds insignificant, but it is far from trivial because these mats catch and entrap the accelerator without any warning. Once the pedal is trapped, the car begins speeding up with no prior warning. If you are not sure what to do in such a crisis; step on your brake pedal, put your gearbox into neutral and steer to the side of the road, lift the hand brake up and switch off the engine. Call your local dealer who will fix the problem for free by mounting an overriding software which will correct of the problem.

Safety Regulators are investigating whether these Lexus cars were reported in a timely manner. In 2010, they were heavily fined for failing to report issues. Owners were clearly having problems with their Lexus' and over 10,000,000 cars were recalled. Over the last few years Lexus had serious issues with a string of their other vehicles; however, before 2009, Lexus has never recalled any of their other cars.