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As useful and fun as driving can be, the cost is often a big issue, particularly at the present time with fuel prices and insurance premiums soaring. More people are buying quality used car parts as an alternative.

But according to a new survey from AXA, these costs are now getting so high that they are actually putting some people off driving entirely, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Reduce the cost of maintenance with used car parts

The poll revealed that one in 13 UK motorists has actually stopped driving completely because of the dent to the wallet it causes.

Furthermore, four in ten drivers said they would be prepared to reduce the amount of time they spend behind the wheel if driving costs continue to escalate this year, while 44 per cent admit they find driving a less enjoyable experience than they used to, with the majority putting this down to the expense.

AXA's Amanda Edwards of AXA said the survey revealed a "bleak picture for drivers".

"What is of great concern is how many feel they will be forced off the roads by rising costs," she commented.

And with the price of fuel reaching a record average high of 137.43p per litre in May last year, and car insurance premiums rising by an average of 16.4 per cent in 2011, it is no surprise many motorists are feeling the pinch.

But there are still many ways drivers can reduce their outgoings and perhaps one of the best means of lowering the costs of motoring is by buying news car parts for sale when they need to make repairs, rather than much more expensive new components.

Through Breaker Yard, drivers can easily locate good quality used car parts online at a top price.

Driving in a more fuel efficient manner, such as by breaking and accelerating gently, could also be a good way to save money, with the AXA survey revealing that the biggest frustration for most motorists is the cost of fuel (66 per cent) and recent increases in fuel tax (51 per cent).