Tuesday 19th November 2013
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Car fires are rare but they do happen, and is quite uncommon for there to only be a single cause. A car has many inflammable materials and there are various ignition sources that could start a fire. Car fires in the UK are much more infrequent these days compared to many years ago. However, arson is still on the rise. Arsonists steal a car then dispose of it by setting it alight. There are also many abandoned cars that are often vandalized before setting on fire.

Common causes of car fires

Unless a fire has been started deliberately, then most car fires usually ignite first in the engine. The engine is where all the parts are working together in unity. When people are travelling in a car, they are mostly shielded from the engine. The dashboard and its casing are all part of that protective barrier. Should an engine ignite, then occupants usually have time to escape.

Cars usually have approximately six, or seven ignitable parts that all work together. Should an accident occur, then these flammable liquids along with air can cause a car fire to spread rapidly. The interior of a car is the most flammable; consequently, fire can spread from the engine to the cabin very quickly.

These flammables are fuel, oil, hoses, fuel lines, electricals, battery, exhausts, wiring, seals, air bags and more.

Car fires are scarce because all the parts in an engine are tightly sealed for protection.

However, there have been extremely rare instances of manufacture negligence. This is where the engine suddenly catches fire for 'no apparent reason'. If you have been a victim of manufacture negligence and have been injured, you could be entitled to compensation.

Furthermore, car fires could start due to poor maintenance. We are responsible for maintaining our cars to keep ourselves, passengers, other motorists and pedestrian's safe. Should you experience your car overheating take it into your local dealer to have it thoroughly investigated.