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Mazda Motor Corporation is at the forefront with their small compact cars; they are usually highly praised for their sportiness and luxurious interior design. The Mazda2 fulfills just that, this car is sometimes known as the EV and rightly so since it is an electric version. It is true that Mazda plans to lease a near 100 of these amazing cars to Japan in October 2012 as a trial. These cars will be leased and named as Demio EV, their aim is for the local governments and company clients to try them out first. Mazda is looking for substantial feedback with this new movement of electric cars. At present, though the Demio EV is literally as the name suggests a demo; subsequently, it will not be in production, for the moment, in Japan.

The Demio EV and Mazda2

The Demio EV platform is the exactly the same the Mazda2. Mazda prides themselves for being different to other manufacturers, whilst other companies are choosing the hybrid and hydrogen route, Mazda is opting for the SKYACTIV.

The Mazda2 / Demio EV is not much heavier than an ordinary car; it weighs 2,600 lbs. It is capable of driving 100bhp by using a 20kWh, 346 V Li-ion battery pack. Its maximum speed limit is 75mph with an RMP of 5,200 to 12,000, and the limited torque is 150Nm driving from 0 to 2800rpm. The Mazda2 can drive 125 miles before the battery needs recharging. Furthermore, to charge the battery it will take approximately eight hours by using regular power. However, it can be charged in as little as 40 minutes to have an 80% charged battery using a fast charge. Regular charging is a 200VAC, 15A and faster charging using (CHAdeMO compliant) with a 50 kW charge. With normal use of the car, the battery will maintain 80% of its power well over five years.