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The BBC has just started airing a six part BBC1 documentary about two ordinary people Terry and Lyndsay Walker in Bolton who started Metro Salvage breaker yard 21 years ago. Despite starting up small Metro Salvage is now a multi-million pound company.  The series follows the highs and lows of what it is like to run a breaker yard in  the UK and what goes on each day.

Working the Metro Salvage scrapper

The documentary is described as humble, uplifting and funny and the story of everyday people at work and people selling cars for scrap. Each episode follows every move of its stars - Terry, Lyndsay and their seven employees:

  • Terry is a warm, straight-talking guy. He loves making money, but also loves to spend it on more cars.
  • Lyndsay is Terry’s wife; she takes care of the business finances. Lyndsay also keeps a watchful eye on her husband; she believes he’d be in prison if it wasn’t for her.
  • Boyle is 19 years of age and the breaker yard junior; Terry is hoping to train him on the crane despite staff’s reservations.
  • Chris is Terry’s school friend; he is employed to remove non-metal car parts.
  • Dave is employed as an engine specialist. Although he has a criminal record, Dave is Terry’s trusted man.
  • Debbie and Michelle run an onsite café for all the works.
  • Jemma and Natalie are the administrators; Jemma is Terry’s and Lindsay’s daughter.

A key theme in the series is about giving people second chances, such as Dave and taking on people who no one else will employ.  This is something very close to Terry's heart.  The series follows Terry and Lyndsay in how they run their empire, manage their staff and customers and keep everything on track.  Another star of the shows is Gloria the Grabber the huge machine that picks up cars and moves them.


Terry began by buying cars at auctions and scrapping them for profit. Terry is very canny - he doesn't just scrap cars to their bare bones he buys any type of scrap metal including motorbikes and caravans. Today, the company scraps up to two hundred tons of metal each week, Terry can sell one tone for £120. To make ends meet, Metro Salvage needs to scrap approximately thirty cars per day.  One the metal has been scrapped and crushed; it is then shipped to another country to be recycled. All other quality materials that have been stripped from their cars such as tyres, gearboxes, clutches, sunroofs and engines  can be resold.

Metro salvage are based in Bolton, BL1 8HU near Manchester; you can contact them for a quote on 01204 388488.

The rest of the series will be aired on:

  • Friday 15th August 8.30 pm with ‘A Bright Idea’
  • Friday 22nd August 8.30 pm ‘Wish You Were Here’
  • Friday 29th August 8.30 pm TBC
  • Friday 5th September 8.30 pm TBC

We are loving watching the series and recommend that you do too!