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Mercedes-Benz have seen an increase in demand for their compact cars which includes the B-Class and new CLA-Class.

Versions of both the above mentioned models are produced at the Mercedes production plant in Kecskemet, Hungary and because of this increased demand, they have decided to add a third shift to the plant. This new shift will be on Saturdays and will begin in May 2014.

Mercedes made its first venture into the compact car class (small family car in the UK) in 1997 with the A-Class and has since released the B-Class in 2005 and the new CLA-Class in 2013. Mercedes have seen a real demand for their compact cars which contribute greatly to all Mercedes turn-over, helping keep them in third place in the premium car segment.

Mercedes have seen an overall increase in sales of 17% for the first two months of the year, with their compact class cars seeing an increase of 30% sales. This shows the demand for these vehicles.

Dieter Zetsche the CEO had this to say: “Our production has hardly kept up with the dynamic sales development of our compacts. This allows us to serve the wishes of our customers around the world even better and timelier”

This new shift will bring more work to the town of Kecskemet where there is already 3,400 people employed at the plant. In 2013 there were 109,000 cars produced here, with this set to increase with the addition of the new shift.

Watch the video below for a review on the new Mercedes CLA-Class:

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