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Nothing signals a car manufacturer's statement of intent like a premium concept car, and Mercedes-Benz are looking to set out their stall at the Beijing Auto show later this month, as they whip the sheet off the striking new Concept Style Coupe.

The four-door coupe offers a glimpse of the Mercedes to come, from the avant-garde diamond-pattern grill to the swooping frameless side windows, and is set to have the specs to match, too: the four-cylinder turbocharged engine is set to deliver 211hp, and has a ground-breaking 4MATIC all-wheel drive system.

"The Concept Style Coupe is expressive and powerful in its design," said Mercedes-Benz head Dr Dieter Zetsche. "We are staking our claim very clearly here. This is the model against which sport vehicles in the executive segment will have to measure themselves in future."

And while the manufacturer hasn't revealed if it intends to bring the Concept Style Coupe to production, they are clearly keen to divulge the concept's specifications - the vehicle's styling has been hinted at during a Los Angeles event already this year, and the German brand have even hinted at the interior gadgets that will furnish the eventual model.

And the launch of a new model would be sure to spark a glut of motorists searching for Mercedes car parts - especially after the company's first quarter sales were revealed earlier this month.

Mercedes registered 16,166 new vehicles in March, an increase of 10.2 per on the same month in 2011. The first three months of the year saw 25,348 new car sales, a year-on-year rise of 12.7 per cent despite the faltering vehicles market.

Chief executive Marcus Breitschwerdt said of the figures: "The achievement of our entire UK team is remarkable - this isn't just a record first quarter for passenger cars; it's the best-ever quarterly result in our history."