Wednesday 2nd April 2014
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A recent study in the US has showed that Mercedes-Benz has the lowest recall rate of all major manufacturers in the US. This study was carried out by the US firm and it looked at the top 15 manufacturers and compared the number of recalls made by each manufacturer from 1985 – 2014 compared with the number of vehicles sold between 1980 and 2013. This goes a long way to showing the overall quality of vehicle production by the premium German automobile manufacturing company. In this 30 year study Mercedes-Benz had a recall rate of 0.41 which means that for every 100 vehicles sold it recalled 41 of them. The second lowest was Mazda with 0.55 and third lowest was Nissan with 0.71. The highest recall rate was Hyundai with 1.15, Mitsubishi in second with 1.09 and third place was Volkswagen with 1.06. The vehicle recalled number can be higher than the number of vehicles sold as a vehicle can be recalled more than once for several different reasons. Not only did this study focus on the highest and lowest recall rates but also on the quickest recall rates. BMW were the quickest to recall, with 232 vehicles recalled since 1985 and 87% of those recalls taking place in the vehicles first three years of life. Nissan was second with 85% and GM Motors third with just below 85%. Do you think this study is an accurate reflection on vehicle build quality? Let us know by leaving your comments in our comments box below.

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