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The makers of Mitsubishi are Japanese car makers. They plan to be global winners in car industry by keeping car’s greener than any other manufacturer. This company not only wants to be winners; they want to be a more prominent brand worldwide.

The new Mitsubishi Outlander on show

Mitsubishi has invented and continue to work on the new Outlander. This vehicle will be ready to buy in 2013, but can be previewed at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. It is an exciting project for Mitsubishi seeing that this hybrid is a 4WD. No other manufacturing company has invented this type as yet. This Mitsubishi Outlander is an electric vehicle with a P-HEV system plug-in, and as a backup it has a petrol or diesel engine fitted. Hybrids that have engines are usually used as a back-up when the electric has run out.

The Mitsubishi Outlander has a distinctive drive-train fitted mixed with a front electric battery and with a rear electric battery, not to mention a front combustion engine. The adaptability and flexibility of this vehicle are what will attract new customers to own the Mitsubishi Outlander.

This has three driving types, which are Pure Mode, Series Mode and Parallel Mode. The Pure Mode is capable of a Twin EngineWD EV. The Series Mode is the same as the Pure Mode but is sustained with an internal-combustion engine. Lastly, the Parallel Mode is again the same as Pure Mode but has the additional feature of the FWD-powered internal combustion engine.

The Mitsubishi Outlander can drive 31 miles using the P-HEV electric mode. The engines for the Outlander are a 2L petrol which is competent of 147bhp with 144lb-ft torque. A 2.2L diesel is offered, which is capable of 147bhp with an amazing 280lb-ft torque for the manual version and for the automatic 2.2L DiD the torque is 265lb-ft.