Wednesday 2nd January 2013
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It is very easy to become distracted whilst driving, for some more than others. It is easy to feel over confident behind the steering wheel when motoring along.

However, driving can be quite dangerous, especially when the roads are as busy as they are with so many drivers out and about.

Being over zealous, over confident and becoming distracted whilst driving could result in a catastrophic accident. Accidents may not involve just you, but many other motorists, passengers and pedestrians as well.

Common reasons to become distracted when driving.

Motorists can be easily distracted by:

• Day dreaming.
• Talking to passengers.
• Men looking at an attractive woman walking on the pavement, or vice versa.
• Fiddling with the knobs in the car such as the radio, changing CD's, mobile phone, satellite navigation system, air conditioning or heating and cooling buttons and dashboard buttons to check fuel etc.
• Wearing an MP3 player, or headphones device.
• Gazing at shop windows.
• Looking for the knobs to wind the windows down or up etc.
• The scenery such as the clouds, weather, fields, cars, people and road side advertisements.
• Misbehaving or upset children in the rear or a baby crying.
• Dogs being mischievous.

We live in an era of quickness and multitasking, but being distracted whilst driving even if it is just for one second could be very dangerous.

Some multitasking operations are illegal whilst driving such as using your mobile phone to make a phone call, texting and tweeting.

Proven statistics of motorists being distracted whilst driving

Special eye monitoring equipment reveals motorists can be easily distracted when behind the wheel. It is proven that drivers concentration levels can reduce by a quarter of the time whilst embarking on a journey. This device can track and record the eye movements with participants wearing special glasses that focus on the cornea.

This new technology gives insight to what motorist's gaze at when driving.

Additionally, this study indicates how much time a person spends looking and fiddling with certain things.

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