Tuesday 23rd July 2013
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The MyFord Touch is an in-car communications and entertainment system, otherwise now popularly known as an ‘infotainment system’. The system has been developed by Ford and Microsoft, and at present its current software platform is Microsoft Auto 4.0.

MyFord Touch was first announced in 2010, it promised integrated functionalities such as mobile, media, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and much more.

MyFord Touch never ending problems

The MyFord Touch infotainment system was designed to create a better and more interesting driving experience for motorists. It appears Ford and Microsoft have still failed to produce the perfect end product. The system has its blessing and curses whereby some customers are fairly happy with it, the majority are not.

Ford and Microsoft seem to have made the infotainment system quite difficult and confusing. Many customers have complained and are requesting for the system to be urgently updated. However, they have done little about their customer's please; as a result Fords rankings have seriously taken a tumble.

Ford is now taking minor steps to correct the underlying issues, but it's still not been enough. The system is still glitchy; it lacks intuition; it's complicated; it literally needs an overhaul of simplicity.

Failures include the system locking up, freezing and failing, total system negligence, lack of responsiveness to the media, mobile and voice command seizures.

It is believed that Ford are making enormous profits from the MyFord Touch system.

Without researching themselves consumers believe this infotainment system is the best and biggest invention ever created, and they are happy to pay for it. However, once bought, they realise they've made a huge mistake.

With the MyFord Touch in its third year, many customers are very unhappy. Some are even taking matters into their own hands by suing Ford and seeking compensation.

Customers who are chasing reparation hope that Ford will institute a recall for a replacement system, or a complete repair. It is quite a surprise that Ford has not been sued for compensation until now. There is no secret of its failings; however, people out there are still buying the system.

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