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Bad car parking practices are on the rise.  Look at any social media site especially YouTube and you will see some jaw dropping examples.  Some of it is funny and some of it is downright frightening!  Councils are supposed to be clamping down on drivers who park inconsiderately, but in reality, they do very little. Council tactics are pure scare mongering, and that is it as far as they go – mostly! Sometimes the odd motorist is caught out and fined, but the majority get away with parking badly and not being penalised for it.

Bad car parking is rife

Some drivers are so inconsiderate; yet out of fear, the majority of us refrain from saying anything. People park on double yellow lines, school areas, loading bays, disabled parking areas without a blue badge or take up two bays.

Some motorists will quite literally bump the car in front and behind just to squeeze into a parking space on a road. This kind of parking is ridiculous and selfish.  What about the cost to the owners of the other vehicles in getting the damage fixed?

Parking badly is considered outrageous, especially when the majority of us try extra hard to park sensibly. We want to say something, but we don’t, and we want to shame, but we don’t – why is this? Some say, it is because we are too nice and there is not enough local governmental support to back us up.

Examples of bad car parkers

Some years ago, I decided to go shopping at Lidls. Where I live in Devon, their parking is free, so I decided to park at the end so no-one could park next to me on my right side. There was, however, a little space on my right, but it wasn't meant for parking. This sounded like a pretty good idea since my car was quite new so naturally I wanted to protect it as much as possible. However, just as I switched off my engine a 1960's tatty banger squeezed into that right side.

My eyes widened with fear as this lady left virtually one-foot gap between my and vehicle and hers. Without sounding horrible, this lady must have weighed twenty-stone. She turned off her engine, opened her door, which slammed right into my car. The lady could not get out of her car, but instead of parking somewhere else, she tried squeezing through the one-foot gap whilst putting dents in my car and ruining my car paint work. The incident happened incredibly fast, and I was utterly shocked. I was totally mesmerized how someone could be so disrespectful. Needless to say, when I snapped out of shock, I certainly had a few words to say to her.

There are countless other stories that I could tell.

For instance, I once saw a car parked outside someone’s terraced house, which was for residents' use only. However, another driver parked on the pavement outside the front door, so that the occupants couldn't use the front door.  How stupid is that, what if there was an emergency and the occupants had to leave the building quickly and couldn't go out via the back way?

Today, if you have a camera-phone handy you can record incidences like these and make them go viral on YouTube - what a great way to name and shame bad car parking.  Let us know if you have reprimanded bad car parkers. If you have challenged bad parking how did you handle it?  If you have any photos of bad car parking do send them to us.