Thursday 25th September 2014
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The definition of  'car crash TV' is television programmes about real people that are shocking, embarrassing and cringing to watch but you just can't stop watching.  There are two TV programmes coming up that sound like they could quite literally be car crash TV!

One of them starts tonight on Channel 5 at 9.00 pm, a new series starts called Never Teach Your Wife to Drive.  It is a brand new documentary following three British couples out on the road as the female partners learn to drive with the help of their male partners.  Camera rigged cars follow the couples to see how they get on. The ladies range from first time learners to those who have kept failing their tests.

Never teach your wife to drive

In Hertfordshire Greg is teaching his partner Becky how to drive.  He says that if she passes her driving test he will propose, that is an incentive! Though they rarely fight the stress of being on the road together is quite telling.  Becky's mind wanders and she thinks about shopping rather than concentrating on the road and her spatial awareness is somewhat lacking! This drives Greg crazy and at one point he grabs the wheel from her which infuriates Becky.

Also featuring in Never Teach Your Wife to Drive are Yaveli and Matt who live in Cleveland.  Normally Yaveli is the boss in the relationship and she has a fiery temperament.  For Matt this is a rare chance to tell his wife what to do and he is keen to help her.  Luckily he is very patient!  Meanwhile in Wigan, Yasmin and John are also taking to the road.  Like Yaveli, Yasmin is no shrinking violet and will press the horn if she is irritated by other drivers even when she is just the passenger.  Yasmin has never driven and John plucks up the courage to take her out on the road.  When mistakes happen though she soon lets fly at John blaming him for her own errors.

Is it a good idea to teach your wife to drive?

You have to ask the question - is this really a good idea?  When I was learning to drive I remember seeing a man teaching his wife to drive and they had their children in the back of the car.  How dangerous is that?  Also, do these couples tell their insurance companies so that they and other drivers on the road are protected.  What about dual control?  In the event of an emergency how can the 'teacher' help the student to brake?

I know it is a very cheap way to learn to drive but at what cost? The cost of a relationship break up? The cost of a serious accident on the road while not properly insured?  I don't think this can be a good idea.  All those niggling things that are bubbling away under the surface of a relationship can suddenly explode and being on the road is not a good place to be when that happens especially with a novice behind the wheel.

The advantages of a professional driving instructor cannot be emphasised enough.  They will have no personal relationship with you so they can be more objective and they will know what helps students to pass the test. They also won't be passing on any bad driving habits to you and their car will have dual control so they can help you out in an emergency.  Better to be out of pocket and keep your sanity and relationship!  Let's see how our couples get on in Never Teach Your Wife to Drive tonight!

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