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The new Renault Clio is very different from its ‘lack of style’ predecessors, creativity and imagination, you either loved them or hated them. The new 2013 Clio looks nothing like a Renault; it is 100% totally revolutionized. The brand new fourth-generation Renault Clio is very audacious and has many attractive and newer features, which gives this hatchback a different character; it could be another manufacturer, a SEAT maybe?

The new Renault Clio advances in style and originality

The exterior of the Renault Clio is something to shout about; its newer curved edges, and sleek design look appears to have it all for the everyday motorist. The rear door handles are hidden; the back shoulders of the car are muscular, and the tail lights appear to be buried into the car. There is a new grille, bigger headlights, better wheels and even the paint work is superior.

The interior embraces new revolutionary gadgets. It is simple but chic, and all materials are of superior quality. The aircraft looking dashboard features a surround sound and Media Nav system with built in apps, a Bass Reflex to create great sound, Bluetooth, digital speedometer and an amazing R-Link, which is an internet touchscreen.

The new scaled-down engines may perhaps position the newer Renault Clio at the front of its category. The Clio will be offered in three engine sizes. Firstly, there is the downsized 899cc petrol engine with Energy TCe 90. This has three cylinders and musters 90bhp and 67kW with a torque of 135Nm; fuel is 4.5L per 100km with emissions of 99g/km. The second option is the 1.2L. This has four cylinders with injection and a turbo; it rally's 89kW and musters 120bhp with a torque of 190Nm. Thirdly, there is the 1.5L ultra-Eco diesel turbo. This has four cylinders with a torque of 220Nm; emissions are 83g/km; this has a six-speed EDC dual clutch transmission fitted.

The Renault Clio will be priced from £11,000 to £18,000 depending on the chosen options.