Monday 2nd June 2014
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The new 2014 Honda Civic is a facelifted version of the ninth generation Civic.

The new Civic is a very well designed vehicle which is very stylish looking and there are also some really good engines available. The main problem the Civic has in the European market is to compete with the likes of the class leading Ford Focus, the VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra.

This British built version has made some minor styling alterations whilst focusing mainly on the mechanics of the vehicle. The main changes were to improve the steering and suspension but there was still some styling alterations which give it a fresh, slightly sportier look. The improved steering and suspension make for a better drive but means it is a bit of a firmer ride.

Inside there has been white stitching added to the steering wheel and dashboard to give a sportier look. The rear passenger room is still very poor, particularly the rear headroom due to the sloping roof. It does have a decent amount of boot space with a class leading 401litres and an under floor storage of 76litres.

The pick of the engines is still the 1.6L turbo diesel which was also available in the previous version. This 118bhp engine offers around 78.5mpg with low CO2 emissions of 94g/km. These low emissions mean that you do not have to pay for road tax in the UK. This particular version is available for £24,360.

The entry level Civic is priced at £16,995. It is still not as good or as much value for money as the Ford Focus or VW Golf.

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Watch the video review below for the 2014 Honda Civic:

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