Monday 2nd April 2012
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Today (April 2nd) the new Citroen DS5 go on sale in the UK for the first time.

The new Citroen DS5 has already garnered a great deal of intrigue from the motoring world thanks to its unusual and innovative design.

Aimed at the executive market, Citroen DS5 sets itself apart from rivals such as the Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 series thanks to its considerably cheaper price tag of £22,400 to £32,200, but also because of its hatchback and saloon crossover design.

The New Citroen DS5

The new Citroen DS5 features bold and aggressive styling both outside and in that has already won the DS5 praise from motoring critics.

Phil Lanning, the Sun's motors editor, commented: "The LED-trimmed lights, chrome double chevron grille and gill-shaped air intakes in the lower grille give the front end a dynamic look.

"The muscular rear also catches the eye with its two individual chrome exhausts."

There are also plenty of new design features and Citroen car parts inside the vehicle, including the new 200hp diesel electric Hybrid4 engine, which makes the DS5 the first production Citroen fitted with diesel hybrid technology.

The hybrid option will be attractive to those concerned about the environment, with CO2 emissions from just 99g/km, but also for those looking to keep motoring costs down.

Fuel savings of up to 35 per cent are achievable while urban driving in comparison to a non-hybrid model, while the sub-100g/km model is exempt from the London congestion charge and, for business users, the BiK tax rate is just ten per cent.

As well as 465-litres of boot space, the new Citroen DS5 comes with a keyless access and start, a colour head-up display for the driver and a new lane departure warning system.

The car recently one the Car Design News magazine Design of the Year award in the production car category, beating the Lamborghini Aventador into second place.