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The third generation of the Fiat Panda has now gone on sale in the UK and according to the manufacturer is "bigger, roomier, safer and more fuel efficient" than any of its predecessors.

While still fitting within the city car category, the new Panda is longer, wider and taller than the one it replaces, providing additional room for its maximum of five passengers and more space in the boot.

For the first time, passengers in the back can enjoy adjustable sliding seats, while additional overhang at the back of the car extends boot space and leg room for rear passengers.

The new Panda is also 66mm wider than its predecessor, meaning it can easily accommodate three passengers across the back seats.

Fiat has crammed the new five-door Panda full of safety features, including four airbags as standard, rising to six as an option, ABS anti-lock braking and an Electronic Stability Program.

The car also comes with something called a Low Speed Collision Mitigation system - a clever piece of equipment that reads the road ahead and if it detects an obstacle in the car's path it applies the brakes automatically.

Engine-wise, three options will be offered at launch, including a 875cc version of Fiat's TwinAir Turbo, which has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of any quantity production petrol engine in the world.

Alternatively, you could opt for a 1.2 litre, 69bhp petrol engine or a 1.3 litre MultiJet2 turbo diesel.

Available in three trim levels: Pop, Easy and Lounge, the car is fairly well-equipped for a smaller vehicle, even at the entry level.

It can be ordered with the Blue& Me connectivity system which allows owners to sync music players and mobile phones with the car, while you can also opt for the Blue& Me TomTom2 LIVE version, which includes a 4.3-inch touch screen sat nav.

For those who cannot afford to upgrade to the new Panda, they can still make improvements to their current vehicle by finding Fiat car parts online through BreakerYard.