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We've all been there: You stagger to your car, hands full of shopping or holiday luggage, but when you get there you realise you need to put it all back down again to open the boot.

But now Ford has come up with an innovative to solution to this frustrating problem in the form of a boot that can be opened with your foot.

The development is one of several new features of the latest Ford Kuga, which the manufacturer unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

New Ford car parts are used throughout the design of the vehicle to bring driver's the latest in high-tech motoring.

One such example is a sensor under the car's rear bumper which will open the boot when you sweep your foot past it, or, if you prefer, give it a gentle kick.

Ford describes the feature as the "hands-free automatic tailgate" and claims innovations such as this set the Kuga apart from its rivals.

"But more importantly they provide customers with everyday advantages," said Ford of Europe's chairman and chief executive Stephen Odell. "[The] all-new Kuga is more spacious, dynamic and capable than the current model."

Other high-tech wizardry to be available with the new Kuga include Ford's voice control system SYNC, which also provides connectivity and integration of devices such as smartphones with the car, and the all-wheel drive (AWD) and Torque Vectoring Control system, which analyses road conditions to provide the best balance of handling and traction.

Other options available with the Kuga will include a parallel parking aid and Ford's Blind Spot Information System, which warns the driver via a light in the door mirror when potential hazard is in the their blind spot.

The new Ford Kuga is due to go on sale in Europe from late 2012.