Wednesday 9th April 2014
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The new Ford S-Max Vignale concept vehicle has been unveiled at the Milan Design Week.

The Ford S-Max was first released in 2006 and the Vignale is the new top of the range for this model but not yet available for production. We have a full S-Max review which you can view by clicking here.

The Vignale trim was first seen on the Mondeo Vignale concept last year. Although the Vignale trim is not yet available, it is expected to make production next year on the Mondeo and the S-Max version should not be much later than that.

When the S-Max Vignale comes into production it will offer those looking for a better quality finish on a Ford vehicle something different. This is what Ford had to say about the new Vignale trim: “continues to expand its vision for a unique upscale product and ownership experience for European customers.”

This version comes with soft touch leather seats and a leather covered dashboard and centre console. There is also an aluminium trim which gives the Vignale that luxury feel. The exterior design has the Vignale front grille, Vignale alloy wheels and an aluminium trim. It is available in a new 'Milano Grigio' paint colour. There has not been any clues as of yet for how much this version will cost.

Ford say that almost 50% of their of their large car sales are sold in the higher trim levels, with around 15% of these looking for an even higher trim level, hence the introduction of the Vignale trim.

What do you think of the new Vignale concept? Share your views in our comments box below.

Have a look at the video below for a look at the new Ford S-Max Vignale Concept vehicle:

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