Monday 28th April 2014
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Toyota have revealed two new Atkinson Cycle engines, with the 1.0L version capable of an incredible 93mpg.

The new Atkinson Cycle engines will be the three-cylinder 1.0L and the four cylinder 1.3L. These engines will be available from next year in 14 different variations across the Toyota small car range.

The new 2015 Toyota Aygo was revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show last month, and will be one of the cars to receive these new engines. The other cars to have these hyper-fuel efficient engines will be the Paso and Yaris.

The 1.0L engine is said to be a 30% improvement in terms of fuel economy over its predecessor, with the 1.3L version having a 15% improvement.

To put things into perspective, the 1.0L engine that is being replaced has won the International engine of the year award four years in a row for 1.0L from 2007-2010.

This is the first time that Toyota will have used an Atkinson Cycle engine on a non-hybrid engine. In order to get this exceptional fuel economy, Toyota have came up with several design innovations including a reshaped intake port, cooled EGR system, high compression ratio and Toyota's VVT-iE (Variable Valve Timing intelligent Electric) system.

The 1.0L engine runs on a compression ration of 11.5:1 and the cooled EGR system gives it a maximum thermal efficiency of 37%. The 1.3L engine has a compression ration of 13.5:1 and thermal efficiency of 38%. These are some very impressive figures and we look forward to seeing if they can live up to their very impressive fuel economy figures.

Have a look at the video below for the new Toyota Atkinson Cycle engine:

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