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The new Volkswagen Amarok Power concept was revealed last week at the Worthesee tuning event. The VW Amarok pick up truck was first released back in 2010 and this latest concept is an updated version of last years Amarok Power pickup concept. This years concept is a very stylish looking vehicle and gives the Amarok a very sporty feel. It has a matte black finish with orange lines and trims which gives it a very cool look. The interior is also fitted out with orange trims and the brake callipers are painted orange, which also adds to the look of the vehicle. With this classy looking finish, it is also fitted with bulky body kit and 22” alloy wheels. For this particular concept model it is fitted out with 5000-watt sound system and has room for a full DJ set. Unfortunately this is only for the Worthesee show. It is fitted with LED daytime running lights, a dual exhaust system and also with a roll bar. The interior seats are black leather bucket seats with the orange trims. All these add to the sports feel of the concept vehicle. It was not clear exactly which engine was fitted in the vehicle but it is expected to be the same 3.0L V6 TDi which was used in last years concept. This engine offers 286bhp and is coupled to the Volkswagen 4motion system 8-speed automatic gearbox. What do you think of the new Volkswagen Amarok Power Concept? Would you like to see this version make it as a production vehicle? Share your views with us in our comments box below. Watch the video below for more pictures of the new Volkswagen Amarok Power Concept:

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