Friday 14th September 2012
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It is official, the new Volkwagen Golf Mk7 2013 has been revealed. This Golf will be the seventeenth version and is still one of VW’s best selling cars. The Volkwagen Golf Mk7 will be available to buy October 2012, it is also suspected the new entry models will be cheaper than its predecessors. Nevertheless, even though the Golf is cheaper, it has revolutionized styling, materials, engine and technology have improved drastically. 

Volkwagen Golf Mk7 Overview

The new Volkswagen Golf’s external appearance has not altered much to the previous models. However, with the height being 28mm lower, 56mm longer, 13mm wider and a 59mm longer wheelbase, it appears classier and sportier looking. At a glance, you will notice the new door style with a folding line running right across the its breadth, this gives the car a distinctive sporty touch. The sportiest out of all the models is of course the most desirable GTi.

The new revamped Golf Mk7 is now nearly 100kg lighter thanks to the strong steel construction and the light weight engines. Additionally, Volkswagen has completely face-lifted the interior with a new angled centered console which integrates a touch-screen entertainment centre.

There are four engines on offer which include the 1.2 petrol with the option of an 84bhp or a 104bhp; a 1.4 petrol with the option of a 120bhp or a 138bhp; a 1.6 TDi with 89bhp and a 2L TDi with 187bhp.

The new Volkwagen Golf Mk7 offers many great new features which include:

• Modular Transverse Matrix which is fitting in the Audi A3 2012
• Electric parking
• Radar cruise control
• Automatic flick up and down headlamps
• Executive Gizmos as standard on some models
• Thirty litre bigger boot with lower lip and wider opening
• Improved ergonomics

More features are offered, but will be disclosed near to its sale date.

The price tag for the new Volkswagen Golf Mk7 has yet to be confirmed. If you are in a rush to see this amazing car or find out more information, it can be viewed at the Paris Motor Show.