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The newest invention of Audi’s new car is called the Audi A3 Euro-Spec Hatchback. This car is about to take to the road in 2013. Audi is determined to uphold its name as demand increases for this novice car.

Audi A3 competitors

Audi’s real competitors are BMW and Mercedes-Benz. There is little competition in the UK or Europe, but in America, sales are much lower. To tackle this issue Audi is building a car plant in Mexico with the goal of catching up to its rivals.

Audi trains their workers to think of every car as their own, their policy is nothing short of perfection. With this quality of excellence, the new Audi A3 Euro-Spec will be the finest they’ve ever created. This car will pave the way for its competitors, the Volkswagen Golf, BMW’s Series 1 and Mercedes-Benz Class A. Audi’s platform is simply now at its foremost.

When first looking Audi A3 your first impression will be conventional, but upon taking a closer look, you’ll notice that it’s very different. The craftsmanship of the exterior and interior are flawless. Their standards are much higher than their previous models. Other cars within this category don’t come close to the new Audi A3.

The body of this car is made of very strong steel, nevertheless, not heavy in weight, making it 220lb’s lighter than the BMW Series 1. The cross member on the front sub frame, fenders, and bonnet are constructed of aluminium. The Audi A3 Euro is well proportioned with the centre gravity being further back on the wheel base, and it also has a lower suspension. This creates a superior driving experience. This car engine is offered with a 1.8L turbo and 2.0L turbo diesel giving 177bhp. This will give the owner better fuel costs and inferior Co2 emissions, which result in cheaper car tax.

The Audi A3 Euro has plenty of modified interior specifications in comparison to its predecessors. The interior is compact, roomy, with a minimalist look. Gadgets appear nominal, but actually, there are plenty hidden.