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Nissan has many manufacturing plants situated globally; however, one country where they aren’t located in at the moment is China. Recent news suggests that, China is now beginning to make plans with Nissan to create a new car factory; this will cost nearly £500 million to build. The joint venture will be situated in Dalian, northeast of China. Nissan’s initial outlay will be £100,000 to invest in their brand of cars including better electric cars for the European market before the year 2014.

Nissan Future

Nissan also has manufacturing plants in India. They have already begun exporting mid-size cars in the European market and many other countries worldwide. Their hope is to export fifty thousand units of the Sedan Sunny’s within the next 12 to 18 months.

At the moment, Nissan has a range of cars in the UK which have been manufactured through importing. From the smallest to largest cars, there is the Micra, Leaf, Pixo, Note, Duke to the Qashqai, X-trail, Pathfinder, Navara to the more sports type are the 37OZ, 37OZ Roadster, GT-R and the NV200 Combi. As well as producing the everyday car, Nissan has also created a line of commercial vehicles, which are the NV200 Van, NV400, Primaster, Cabstar and the Navara. Some European countries have different models available such as the Nissan Sunny and Teana.

The Nissan Leaf is their pride and joy, being 100% electric and costing from £25,990. The transmission is a single-speed CVT and front-wheel drive with a four stroke electric engine. The laminated lithium-ion battery pack is the probably the costliest part of the car being 25% of its manufacturing price. The Nissan Leaf can be charged from a house socket and offers a high response synchronous AC motor which is capable of 80Kw of power and 280Nm of torque. The predicated driving range is approximately 109 miles before being needed to be topped up.