Monday 30th September 2013
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Nissan really had high hopes of putting behind them their previous recalls. However, to their frustration they have now been forced to recall nearly one million cars globally. It came to their attention that some of their cars had defective Japanese accelerator sensors installed. This serious fault cause cars to suddenly slow down and possibly even stall when driving.

Nissan forced to recall their cars

So, what cars are on the list?

Well, Nissan announced the recalls on Thursday 26th September. The UK has not been hit as bad as other countries. It is believed there are approximately 113,000 Nissan Patrol cars in the UK to be recalled. These cars are specifically 2006 to 2013 models.

Japan is recalling Serena, Lafesta, X-Trail and Fuga; this is estimated to be over 760,000 cars. The USA is recalling their Infiniti M and various other models, which is estimated to be over 98,000 cars.

Steering wheel issues on their Micra models have been another problem. They eventually became loose, which if not corrected promptly can fall off. Thankfully, no accidents have yet been reported due to loose steering wheels. Nissan is not very popular at present; this is their third recall during this year. The other recalls were due to faulty passenger-side airbags. Approximately, five hundred cars globally were recalled due to airbags.

The good news is that Nissan have announced that no accidents have been reported over these particular recalls. Additionally, Nissan is more than happy to correct faulty recall issues. If you suspect your car comes within the recall category, call your local Nissan dealership. It is believed their recall repairs are a quick and easy fix which could take approximately fifteen minutes.

Nissan is not the only manufacturer in the limelight these days. Toyota, Honda and Mazda are having a fair share of disclosure about the same faulty issues and more. For these companies to be exposed to a number of recalls within such short periods, this can only be a massive blow to the company’s ego.