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This is a general guide on how to fit a new indicator or wiper stalk for most vehicles. You may want to refer to the manufacturer's manual for detailed guide to your vehicle make and model.

Estimated time: approx 1 hour                               Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Step 1

Begin by disconnecting the negative battery terminal. This is important when fitting any electrical equipment as it helps to prevent any damage to the electrical parts of the vehicle. Always remember to disconnect the battery when working with any electrical parts of the vehicle.

Step 2

There will be three screws underneath the steering column, holding the housing in place. You will need to remove these screws to remove the housing. The housing is in two sections and once you have removed the screws you should be able to un-click these sections apart. This will expose the stalk you are looking to change.

Step 3

You may need to turn the steering wheel to the side to gain access to the screws holding the stalk to the column. Remove the two screws holding the stalk in place and then unclip the stalk from the column. There will be wires connected to the stalk so you will have to disconnect the connections to completely remove the old stalk.

Installing the new indicator or wiper stalk

Now you are ready to install the new stalk.

Step 1

Connect the wires to the new stalk and click it back into place on the steering column. Screw the two screws on the stalk to securely fasten it back in place.

Step 2

Now put both sections of the housing in place and click them together. Screw the three screws back in and this should complete the installation of the new indicator and wiper stalk.

And Finally...

Re-connect the negative terminal to the battery and test the new wiper stalk.