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Those seeking a restoration project need look no further than the dust covered Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe set to go on sale at auction later this month.

However, the iconic 1959 design classic doesn't come cheap, despite it being a rusted barn find - as the £15,000 rated vehicle was just eighth off the production line when the Mini was first launched.

Thought to be the oldest unrestored Mini still in circulation, the vintage Austin is only pipped in age by three models worldwide: one of which is in the hands of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, with two being in the hands of private collectors in Japan.

But as restoration projects go, this one will take some doing - despite the price tag, the winning bidder will need the services of a car parts finder to restore the battered panels, flattened tires and rust-riddled engine that come with the motor.

John Polson of auction house Bonhams said of the find: "The Mini is one of the most important cars of the 20th century. They have always been collectable.

"Some collectors would want to return her to new, but others would just like to get her going again and keep her in the original condition."

An estimated 5.3 million Minis were produced between 1959 and 2000, before it was reintroduced as the Mini Hatch in 2001.

And the BMW-owned British icon is fuelling sales of the luxury car brand's stock, with the manufacturer reporting record sales in the first three months of 2012.

The company reported worldwide sales of 426,000 cars between January and March of this year, an 11.2 per cent rise year-on-year compared to 2011's figures. March sales alone rose by 12 per cent, reaching 186,000 units.

Worldwide sales are sure to see an increased demand for BMW spare parts, as more of the vehicles grace the roads - especially as the manufacturer hopes to launch further models.

BMW board member Ian Robertson said: "We aim to continue the momentum with additional new models this year, such as the luxurious BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and a model revision of the flagship BMW 7 Series."