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Whether buying a second hand car or second hand car parts, it is always wise to go through a trusted dealer such as Breakeryard to make sure you are getting a quality item. Motorist are in danger of dishonest seller who are prepared to lie to sell car.

People are prepared to lie to sell car

According to a new survey by used car specialist, going through a private vendor instead could prove risky.

It found that one in ten people would lie about the mileage of their car in order to persuade a potential buyer to purchase, while a further five per cent of private vendors are prepared to hide the truth when it comes to accident history.

Meanwhile, according to figures from HPI, the vehicle history checking service, around four in every 100 used vehicles on sale in the UK have previously been recorded as full insurance write-offs, with six in every 100 motors on sale subject to clocked mileage.

HPI advises that there are four top risks to look out for when buying a used car from a private dealer.

The first of these is that it could be a write-off. HPI says: "A car may look shiny and new, but the paintwork might be hiding something that has been declared an insurance write-off."

Secondly, it could be clocked, with a higher mileage than shown on the odometer, while another danger is that the car could have outstanding finance. HPI's figures show nearly one in four vehicles checked are still subject to a finance agreement.

Finally, there is a chance it could be stolen, which will mean the buyer could lose the car and the money they paid for it when it is returned to the rightful owner.

Earlier this month, a report from British Car Auctions revealed that the value of used cars rose by almost four per cent in November as demand for second hand vehicles increased.