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Operation Tramline is a joint operation unit run by the Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary. The Operation Tramline’s aim is to crackdown on motoring crimes across Hampshire and the Thames Valley.

The idea behind the operation is to catch distracted drivers committing offences no matter how large or small. The latest operation took place across various motorways such as the M27, M40, M4, M34 and the M3.

Operation Tramline crackdown to make roads safer

The Operation Tramline drove undercover using unmarked Scania lorry cabs. They frugally captured the offences on high viewing platforms using a video camera. Police used elevated seating because they could not see driver's committing offenses from ground level.

Lorry drivers often witness motorist's commit crimes because they are sat in elevated seats. Today, lorry drivers are now encouraged to speak with the police and share their concerns.

The offenses committed were ridiculously insane, some of which could have caused horrific fatal accidents. One driver decided to have a wet shave; he was using a sharp razor and a bottle of water. A lady was caught applying her make up by using her rear-view mirror while she was driving down the motorway.

Operation Tramline caught a lorry driver brushing his teeth. Two motorists were reading their daily newspaper. A driver was caught reading a map on top of his steering wheel. Other drivers were caught using their iPads; some were resting their iPads on their lap, and others were leant against their steering wheel. Despite the law, many motorists including lorries, taxis and tractors were caught using their mobiles.

Last week, Operation Tramline operated a five-day crackdown across Hampshire and Thames Valley. This resulted in 198 motorists being caught committing driving offenses. Even though most motorists were preoccupied with minor offenses while driving, they were still prosecuted.