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12 Types of Speed Camera to Catch Us Out

Did you know that there are currently over twelve different kinds of traffic cameras in operation across the UK? Supposedly with a purpose to keep our road network safe and under control.

The key question is: are they all needed? The Government promised to ‘end the war on motorists’, however, I wonder how the conversations on this topic go when in the local pub at the end of the week? During this current financial climate, perhaps motorists are feeling the pressure on their wallets more than others, with facing rising car taxes and all other costs associated with owning a car.

Of course the counter argument is that no motorist should ever be speeding, and if everyone is abiding by the speed limits, then it doesn’t matter about the quantity or amount of variation in traffic cameras? If you don’t speed, you can’t get caught. Now of course no one would advocate breaking the law or willfully speeding, we’re simply highlighting what is happening on our roads at the moment.

Some of the main kinds of traffic camera systems in use are: Gatso speed cameras, mobile speed cameras, HADECS 3, SPEC S, VECTOR, Truvelo, Truvelo D-Cam, SpeedCurb, Variable speed cameras, Traffic Light cameras, Peek, DS2 mobile sites, Watchman and SpeedSpike speed cameras.

Here at we are fully on the side of the motorist, finding new and used parts for your car, helping you keep your vehicle on the road for as little cost as possible. We want to draw attention to this topic again. Paying a speeding fine can be a big deal to many, so keep an eye out for all of these variations of camera and keep safe!