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It was revealed in recent survey that many drivers do not know what to do when car goes into a skid. With the weather in the UK taking a turn for the worse over recent days, now may be a good time for motorists to brush up on their driving skills as well as invest in used car parts for sale to replace any damaged components.

According to a new survey by Sainsbury's Finance, one area where many drivers could stand to improve their motoring skills is knowing what to do when your car goes into a skid in icy conditions.

What would you do when your car goes into a skid?

The poll found that some 38 per cent of drivers, the equivalent of 13.7 million people, admit they do not know what action to take when car goes into a skid, while 27 per cent of drivers who find themselves in a skid would take remedial action that would make their situation worse.

"Everyone knows that driving in wintery weather can be hazardous but our study shows that a staggering number of drivers do not know how to handle their vehicles in icy conditions," said Ben Tyte, head of Sainsbury's car insurance.

According to Sainsbury's Finance, the best thing to do if you find yourself in a skid is lift your foot gently off the accelerator, allowing the car to slow smoothly and gently.

If you need to continue driving then do so slowly using a high gear in order to avoid hard acceleration, which could spin the wheels.

In the event that there is no response when you turn the steering wheel and the car continues on ahead, remove your foot from the accelerator as this throws the weight balance of the car forwards and helps the tyres find grip.

Meanwhile, in order to prepare your car for harsh winter driving conditions, it may be wise to invest in second car parts to replace any faulty or damaged components on your car.