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It’s that time of year where by motoring news is soaring; everyone is looking for that cheap holiday but with fuel prices increasing. It’s becoming harder to know what to do. More and more people are putting aside those luxury resort holidays and taking to the road with camper vans and motor homes.

Camper vans vary in price. Once they're bought they are seen as the ultimate future recreational investment.  They are considered a mini mobile home for all age groups. You can travel where you like and take off when you want, and often you can park up for a night without having to pay an overnight fee. You get to taste the great outdoors anywhere, any time.

Camper vans and motor homes gaining popularity

Camper vans are not slow and noisy like they used be. For instance, newer models such as the Volkswagen California don’t struggle up hills. Some are sheer luxury giving you the ultimate experience of a complete holiday. Included is a complete kitchen, cool box, table and chairs, and a small cooker burner, prices vary from £34,980 to £43,580 depending if you require any alterations.

You consider buying a secondhand MPV and modify them into mini campers, the older Toyota MPV’s and Volkswagen Transporters are specialist in this field. These have enough room for a very small family, you can convert and facelift any way you want, even add power, kitchens, seating, toilet and hook-ups.  Many people travelling in the late 70's found it to be very cost effective on fuel and ferry, some people travelled long distances in to Europe as far as Croatia and Italy. Today, to travel these distances it can cost approximately £500 to cross the English Channel from certain parts of the UK including fuel costs. Many regular holiday makers are now resorting to English locations.

If buying a campervan or a motor home appears daunting, consider renting, prices varying depending on the time of year and the type of van you want. The only thing that you’ve to consider is the fuel cost, insurance and your destination.