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The chances of you receiving parking fines prior today for parking too far away from the curb was a slim possibility. The 20 inch or 50 cm parking rule has been, in effect, for a few years, but more so in Central London. However, traffic wardens used to have no power to enforce the rule, because it would have cost the government too much money to erect signs and road markings.

As of today things are about to change.

Parking fines or don't drive your car

The government has now instigated another approach to making money from motorists. If driver's park more than 20 inches from the curb, traffic wardens can now issue an instant £70 parking fine. In addition, the Department of Transport insists wardens can issue fines without road signs or any other road markings to back them up. So, unless motorists are informed of the new legislation, motorists may receive a parking fine and not know why.

Traffic wardens are responsible for ensuring all traffic laws are obeyed by motorists; it is their job, but it is the government who makes the rules. Nonetheless, some traffic wardens are more impulsive than others; some are clocking in over £250k in fines in a year. It is true, in some areas throughout the country some traffic wardens are indeed in competition with other wardens.

Let us know what you think, could traffic wardens be even more hasty in issuing more parking fines with this new legislation?

This re-enforced parking law will hit all motorists hard, especially the elderly, learner drivers and those who have just passed their driving test. There is no denying it; it could be easier and cheaper to walk to our destinations.

Does it now come down to the fact that motorists need to keep a measuring tool in their glove compartment to check their parking distances?

If you believe you have been wrongly issued a parking fine follow our advice on Appealing wrongly issued parking tickets.