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The Peugeot 2008 was released in 2013 and in under 12 months it has reached the milestone of 100,000 vehicles produced.

The 2008 is a mini SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) which shares several of its components with the Peugeot 208 and it replaced the Peugeot 207 SW.

Already in the UK, the 2008 has sold over 5000 vehicles which is 35% better than Peugeot expected by this time. The lowest level trim is available from £12,995 but it is the highest level trims, the Allure and Feline which have been the biggest sellers so far.

Already this year, the reported sales for January 2014 were 1,194 in the UK. Peugeot aim to sell 18,000 this year in the UK and if sales keep going at the rate they are, this will be easily achievable.

The 2008 is produced at the Mulhouse plant in France and the 100,000th vehicle was taken to its owner and presented in a ceremony by Xavier Duchemin, Director of Peugeot France and Corinne Spilios, Director of the Mulhouse production plant.

The only areas which the 2008 is not produced for at the Mulhouse factory are China and Latin America. There are 680 vehicle a day produced which is double of the initial production rate and is due to high demand for the vehicle.

This vehicle has won several awards in different European countries including Ireland, France, Spain and Italy. As mentioned above, the Allure and Feline are the best selling trims, accounting for 68% of the 2008's sales so far.

This is certainly a vehicle worth considering if you are thinking of entering into the mini SUV market.

Watch the video below to see a review for the Peugeot 2008:

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