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Another day of the week-long Beijing Motor Show, another manufacturer unveils their latest eye-catching concept car.

Following the debuts of the BMW i8 Concept Spyder, the Citroen Numero 9 and the Mercedes Concept Style Coupe, yesterday (April 23rd) saw Peugeot offer consumers the first glimpse of its Urban Crossover Concept.

Described by the French automaker as "elegant and cheeky, refined and charismatic, sporty and seductive", the car is a cross between a saloon and mini SUV designed for people living in cities.

It features a number of Peugeot car parts that will be both familiar and new to customers.

The car uses the manufacturer's distinct 'smiling' grille, while the aluminium spoiler and roof double bubble are similar to that seen on Peugeot's RCZ Sports Coupe.

At the rear, meanwhile, the car features a stylised Peugeot signature with three floating claws illuminated using LED technology.

It's not clear yet whether Peugeot plans to put the car, or a version of it, into full production.