Monday 24th February 2014
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As a result of poor hybrid sales in Europe, Honda have announced that they will no longer sell two of its models in this market.

The Insight hybrid and the CR-Z hybrid will no longer be sold in Europe and Honda are also considering whether or not they will continue sales of the Jazz hybrid in this market.

In a market which is dominated by diesel engines, the Honda hybrids have struggled to gain numbers of any significance in their sales. This is not a reflection on all hybrid cars as one of Honda's main rivals, Toyota have reported good sales of their hybrid models across Europe.

Honda was the first manufacturer to sell a production hybrid car in Europe. In 1999 Honda released the Insight hybrid, which was the year before the Toyota Prius hybrid was released.

Currently on the Honda websites of the most important European markets, the CR-Z and Insight hybrids have already been removed for the German, Spanish and Italian markets. They only remain available on the UK and French websites, which is only a matter of time before they are removed.

As the CR-Z hybrid is marketed as a sports hybrid coupe, the performance lets this car down, only offering 122bhp. This was upgraded in 2012 to 135bhp but it did not help to improve sales in any way.

Honda have reported European sales of 1,242 Insight vehicles in 2013, which is down 62% from 2012. The CR-Z 2013 sales are even worse at 695 vehicles, which is a decrease of 66% from the previous year.

This will mean that the only Honda Hybrid that will be on sale in Europe will be the Honda Jazz hybrid. The new version is expected for release in 2015, but only time will tell if this becomes available for the European market and if there will be no Honda hybrids available in Europe.

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