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Princess Diana's Audi Quattro is going up for auction on the 29th June 2013. This superb car will be auctioned by Coys at the Blenheim Palace. Anyone wanting to take a sneak preview of her Audi Quattro may do so by visiting Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in London for a preview. Anyone who is familiar with London will know that the Hotel is not far from St Paul's Cathedral.

This could be a great day out for everyone as the auction house is also planning some interesting competitions with the Grange Hotel. One competition is to give the winner the opportunity to be taken for a drive in Princess Diana's Audi Quattro and then whisked off for lunch before the auction begins.

There really has been fast growing interest from around the world, so whatever your location, you can place your bid with the auctioneer.

Princess Diana's Audi Quattro royal history

Princess Diana's Audi Quattro is a 1994 convertible, 2.5L engine with a registration plate number L449 TRP. The iconic car is a forest green colour and is a four seater.

Lady Diana's car is in immaculate condition and only has 21,000 miles (33,000 km) on the clock. For a car as old as this, you would not expect to pay more than a couple of grand. However, the famous Princess Diana's Audi Quattro could more than likely fetch around £25,000 ($40,000). This however, is a guideline since Prince Charles 1991 Bentley Turbo RL fetched a mere £10,600. This price was pretty mediocre for a royal car that was in excellent condition.

Princess Diana's Audi Quattro was the family car at the time. Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry were regularly seen photographed together in it.

Princess Diana's Audi Quattro auction is a great opportunity to own a piece of royal history. If you fancy your chances of owning this beauty, visit the hotel today to seal your bid.