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The Chrysler Viper is a sports car which is produced by the American automobile manufacturing company The Chrysler Group LLC. The Viper has been in production since 1992 and is currently in its fifth generation of production. Up until 2013 this car was better known as the Dodge Viper but is now marketed as the SRT Viper. You can read our full Viper review by clicking here. This is a very powerful and well built car which offers great speed and also fantastic looks. The latest version was released in 2013 and is only available in left hand drive. Although this is a superb sports car, it still has its known issues like all cars do. We have listed some of the most common problems for this vehicle up until the 2013 model. We also list the solutions for resolving the issues and you can also find a list of recalls for the Viper.

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Water pump failure

Problem: On some Viper models there has been known issues with the water pump failing. If this part fails it makes the car overheat and if the problem is not seen too quickly enough, it can affect other parts such as the cylinder head gasket. Some of these water pumps have bad impellers which causes the failure.

Solution: You will need to replace the water pump to fix this problem. We can help you find a replacement water pump at a very low price. Click here to begin your search.

Electric wiring problem

Problem: There are known issues with the wiring inside the doors failing. This can cause problems with the central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors and any other electronic functions which have wiring inside the doors.

Solution: Whichever door the wiring issue is on, you will need to get to the wiring inside the door and rewire to fix the problem.

Power steering problems

Problem: On older versions of the Viper (mainly first and second generation) the power steering pump pulley is prone to exploding, causing heavy steering. This part is made of nylon, making it easier for this issue to occur.

Solution: You will need to fit a replacement power steering pump pulley to rectify this issue.

Latest advert for 2014 model

This video below shows an advert for the 2014 Viper:


The Chrysler Viper has now been in production for over 20 years and there is only recall listed on the department for transport recalls database. This recall is for a concern with a differential mounting bracket and you can read the full details by clicking on the link below. We always recommend that you keep a regular check out for any recall issues for your vehicle. Chrysler will fix any Viper recalls free of charge due to their own manufacturing error.

Our common problems and solutions list above is by no means exhaustive. If you did not find your issue listed, there is still a chance it could be a common fault. You can always share your issue with us and we will try help you find a solution. Leave your comments in our comments box below. We can always help you find any replacement parts you need by entering your vehicle registration number in our part finder or having a look at our Viper parts page. Give us a call on *0905 232 3000 if you would rather speak to one of our specialist advisers.