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The Ford Escape is a compact crossover SUV which has been sold in Europe as the Ford Maverick and is now marketed as the Ford Kuga in Europe. This vehicle was introduced in 2001 and is still sold today in its third generation. If you want to read the full review click here. These vehicles are known for their versatility, but like all vehicles, they have commonly associated problems. We have listed some of the most common problems for the Ford Escape , and have found solutions to these problems. We also have a list of some of the most recent recalls for this vehicle.

If you have found the problem for your vehicle listed below, then we can help you to find the exact parts you are looking for at very low prices. Even if your problem is not listed, we can still help you find the right parts at the right prices to fix your problem.

Ford Escape problems and solutions

Transmission problems

There have been a few different known problems on the transmission of these vehicles:

Problem: The manual gearboxes have been known to have clutch problems which require a replacement clutch due to lack of performance.

Solution:As mentioned above, replacing the clutch is the only solution.

Problem: The automatic gearboxes have problems with gear shifts and also faulty transmission control modules. This led to many recalls.

Solution: If you have any of these problems, check your warranty before paying to have it fixed. This was a recall issue.

Wiper motor failure

Problem:The window wiper motors have been known to fail on these vehicles. If you can't get your window wipers working then it is more than likely that your wiper motor has packed in.

Solution: The only way to resolve this issue is to have a new motor fitted. Thousands of Escapes were recalled due to these faulty motors.

Safety issues

There have been a few problems that have been considered serious safety issues.

Head restraint

Problem: There could be a faulty head restraint on some vehicles.

Solution: The only solution for this problem is to change the head restraint. This problem led to a recall in 2005.

Rear liftgate

Problem: The rear liftgate was sometimes known to pop open in a crash, due to a faulty locking mechanism.
Solution: This can be fixed by fitting a new mechanism. In 2006 a high number of vehicles were recalled for this issue.

Faulty door seals

Problem: The door seals on a Ford Escape built after 2010 have been known to have faulty door seals which allow water to seep into the vehicle from outside. They are known for cracking and breaking which eventually causes leaks.

Solution: The only way to resolve this is to fit new rubber door seals.

Ignition coil faults

Problem: If you are noticing your ignition misfiring when starting the car then you have a faulty ignition coil.

Solution: To solve this problem you must replace the ignition coil asap.

Carpet padding problem

Problem: A worker at the Ford factory noticed a problem with the carpet padding sticking out of place on the 2013 Escape. This led to potential problems with the foot pedals, as the trim could get in the way.

Solution: This problem was subject to a recall in 2013.


The Ford Escape has had quite a few different recalls over its lifetime and we have listed only a few of the most recent recalls. Our recalls are taken from the autoblog website, where you can get further details. All recall problems should already be fixed on your vehicle, as this was the responsibility of Ford to fix these issues. Below is a list of some of the most recent recalls not mentioned above.

If your Ford Escape is suffering from a problem which you deem to be common and you don’t see it listed above, don’t worry. Our above list is not exhaustive and we know some common problems will not be mentioned. You can share your problem with us by writing about it in the comments box below. If you need the replacement part at cheap prices to fix your problem then look at the Escape parts page of our website. You can also enter your vehicle details in our part finder or call one of our specialists on *0905 232 3000.