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The Ford Escort Van was obviously a van version of the popular Ford Escort. This vehicle was then replaced with the Ford Courier van. The Escort Van was in production from 1968 to 2000 and was an extremely popular choice for a small panel van on the roads of the UK. If you w ant to read our full review on the Ford Escort van click here. These vans became very popular and were seen as being reliable yet very practical little vans. However, they do have some common problems associated with them, just like all motor vehicles. We have a list of the most common problems and their solutions for these vehicles. These problems have been commonly found by other Escort Van owners and if your problem is not listed below, then share it with us by writing in the comments box at the bottom of the page. We can help you find the right parts at the right prices.

Ford Escort van problems and solutions

Heater blower problem

Problem: The Ford Escort Van has some known issues with faulty heater blower motor resistors. The blower will only blow out cold air when this part is faulty. The connectors can get damaged or end up rusting.

Solution: You will need to fit a new motor resistor to solve this problem.

Starting problems

Problem: If you are having problems with the engine not starting on your Escort Van, then it could be one of two problems. You should check both the fuel pump and the starter motor, as it is more than likely one of these which is at fault.

Solution: Once you have identified the exact problem you will need to fit the replacement part which will solve the issue.

Problems with lights

Problem: If you are having problems with the tail lights not working and some other light problems, it is not uncommon to have a faulty stalk.

Solution: If you replace the stalk then this usually fixes the problem.

Door handle broken

Problem: Another common fault with the Ford Escort Van is a broken door latch mechanism. If you have this problem on your vehicle then you are best replacing the mechanism.

Solution: As mentioned above, replacing the door latch mechanism will solve this issue.

Changing gears problem

Problem: If you are noticing that you are having problems changing the gears on your Escort Van, particularly to 1st and reverse then it sounds like you have a clutch problem. The clutch will not be disengaging properly.

Solution: To fix this you will most likely need a new clutch.

Water leaking into footwell

Problem: A common problem on these vans is water leaking into the passenger footwell. This could be the door seal, faulty wiring grommets or a corroded battery tray. The most common of these faults is the battery tray corroding which allows water to leak into the vehicle.

Solution: Replacing the battery tray is the solution if this is the problem. Otherwise you will have to identify if it is the wiring grommets or the door seals at fault. Once identified the faulty part will need replaced.

brake pipes

Problem: On Escort Vans with ABS, it was known for the brake pipes to chaff. They were not secured properly on manufacture which led to brake fluid leaking and the brakes under performing.

Solution: This issue was subject to a recall.


The Ford Escort Van had a few different recall issues with the vehicle. Any recalls are the responsibility of the manufacturer to fix free of charge due to manufacturing error. These recalls should no longer be an issue on these vehicles. The list below is taken from the department of transport recalls database. Click each link to get further information on each individual recall.

We know that we have not covered all the common problems in our problems list above. If your problem is not listed then you can let us know about it by writing a short paragraph in our comments box. Also share with us the solution if you know that too. We can help you find cheap replacement parts to solve your problem by visiting our Ford Escort Van parts page. You can also call us on 0701 310 0701 or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the exact parts you need for your vehicle.