Wednesday 13th November 2013
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What we have seen on TV and heard about with regards to driverless cars is most certainly going to be happening. Leading manufacturers have been working on driverless cars for sometime and test runs are now beginning to emerge. The reality of cars cruising down the road by themselves is no longer hype. The fantasy of jumping into the back of your car to watch TV, read a magazine or even have your breakfast on the way to work is not too far away. The reality of cars becoming like Batman and Knight Rider is finally upon us. Driverless vehicles are already operating at Heathrow airport and are now planned to be tested out on the streets of Milton Keynes next year.

Cars are becoming driverless

The future of cars becoming self-sufficient is at hand. Although the idea appears strange there are many benefits. Accidents will become scarce; this hopefully equates to our beloved insurance costing less and trying to escape congestion will most definitely become a bonus.

Being stuck in a traffic jam will become effortless, we will be able to put our feet up and have a nap. Cars will be more fuel efficient, whether driving through the city or motoring on long distance journeys. The reality of cars being driverless also suggests that the speed limit could become significantly higher, especially on motorways.

There will obviously be a big software explosion with in-car entertainment. Cars driving themselves and us humans being thoroughly distracted by the internet, radio, music and much more is on the horizon.

With cars soon becoming driverless there could be a strong possibility that trains, buses and taxis will lose their reliant audience. Additionally, the prospect of driving licenses could become obsolete and be rather nice since nobody is actually driving anyway. However, that could be fantasy since the government has to make some money somehow!

Why would anyone want to pay for alternative transport when sheer luxury is sitting on your own driveway? Alternative transportation is expensive and will unquestionably not be as convenient, or as luxurious.