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One car lover has demonstrated what can be done with a few spare car parts, a lot of time and dedication.

Norman Hughes, a mechanic from Bristol, has rebuilt a Mark I Ford Escort, restoring the classic and extremely rare car to its former glory.

Although the Escort grew to be one of the UK's most ubiquitous car models, Mr Hughes's is one of only 883 Mark Is which were hand-built and fitted with a Lotus twin cam engine.

The model was famous for its high level of performance despite relatively innocuous looks and was hugely successful as a rally car.

Mr Hughes bought the shell of the vehicle from a previous owner and then used a range of different used Ford parts to restore it as close as possible to its original appearance.

The outside of the car is identical to its original form, Mr Hughes told the Bristol Evening Post, save a few badges on the side, but much of the rest of the car has been modified with more modern components.

For example Mr Hughes has installed uprated suspension as well as disc brakes on the front wheels.

Other details were slightly changed from the original as the parts are no longer available.

"The switches on the dashboard, for example, look exactly the same as on the Mark I but in fact, they are slightly bigger," said Mr Hughes.

And it looks like the car enthusiast's time and effort is set to pay off, with offers coming in for the car from around the world.

Mr Hughes revealed that a Japanese businessman has already offered him £55,000 for the Escort but turned him down, believing he can get at least £10k more for it.

He said he feels this is a "fair price" for something "very rare and very special".