Tuesday 24th September 2013
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The Renault Clio 2013 is a fourth-generation car; it was first launched during the 1990s. This range has always been held in high-regards by many motorists, and has really done the Renault group proud. In Europe, the Clio has been one of the best-selling cars and also had great success in Japan where it is called the Lutecia.

The new Clio's contesters are the Peugeot 208, Volkswagen Polo, Golf and the popular Ford Fiesta. How does the new Renault Clio 2013 compare to its competitors that are renowned for excellence?

Renault Clio 2013 model specifications

Thankfully, the Renault Clio 2013 is a lot more sophisticated than all its predecessors. This model should continue to make Renault very proud. Its image is presented like an RS-line model, but was actually based on the coupe DeZir model. The Clio is a supermini car; it is quite small but still bigger than a mini.

There are various ranges available such as:

  • Expression, prices start from £10,795
  • Expression Plus, prices start from £11,995
  • Dynamic, prices start from £12,995
  • Dynamic S, prices start from £14,995
  • GT-Line 120 EDC, prices start from 17,395
  • Renaultsport 200 Turbo EDC, prices start from 18,995
  • Renaultsport 200 Turbo EDC LUX, prices start from £19,995

Motorists can buy optional add-ons at an additional cost. The Clio is only offered as a five door with hidden rear external handles.

The Expression is the standard car, which offers the basics. This trim offers 15" energy wheels, ESC - Electronic Stability Control, electric and heated door mirrors, Bluetooth, USB, hands free technology, bass reflex, LED daytime lighting; hill start assist and ABS with inclusive electronic brake distribution.

The higher prices reflect higher specifications with alloy wheels, 7" touch screen, Bluetooth, Reflex Sound System, Media Navigation, Navteq Nav 'n' Go Satellite Navigation, parking sensors, climate control, armrest, tweeters, Eco driving and much more.

The downside to the Renault Clio 2013 is the hard suspension, so when taking corners it can prove somewhat firm even for the novice driver. Bearing in mind this car is actually a city car; nonetheless there is no mistaking that this car can be slightly sluggish. The Ford Fiesta offers better road handling; it also soaks up potholes and bumpy rides better than the Renault Clio 2013.

Initially, the engine can be noisy, but once the car settles into a steady pace the engine can hardly be heard. The turbo kicks in at approximately 2500 revs, which gives the engine a real punch. The Clio’s Navigation is large and simple, which is delightful should you have to use it whilst driving.

Overall, the Renault Clio 2013 is delight to drive; it is superbly built with chic styling. Some plastics can appear to be cheap looking, but with all the latest modern technology, one seems to forget about its synthetic cheapness.