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The Renault Group are leading the way in terms of CO2 emissions. For 2013, the Renault Group finished top in terms of low CO2 emissions with an average of 114.7g/km which is based on its passenger vehicle sales for 2013.

Renault have made some significant improvements in this area and currently have five cars which are under 100g/km CO2 emissions: Clio, Megane, Twingo, Captur and the Dacia Sandero. The 1.5 dCi Clio has the lowest CO2 emissions in the supermini class of 83g/km. All cars which have less than 100g/km CO2 emissions get free road tax in the UK.

Renault have seen a real success in the sales of their electric vehicles, particularly the Twizy and Kangoo. These sales have also been a major contributing factor to Renault being the top of the class in terms of CO2 emissions.

To get a clearer picture of the exact nature of the improvements made by the Renault Group in this area you only need to look at the last couple of years figures. In 2012 the average was 125.5g/km compared with 114.7g/km for 2013. This is almost an 11g/km improvement in just one year.

The EU standards for CO2 emissions were set at 130/g/km by 2015, and the Renault Group have clearly met this already and are on track to meet the new standards of 95g/km set for 2021.

Jean-Philippe Hermine is the Director of the Renault Group Environmental Plan and he had this to say about their leading position in this area: "this position of market leader is proof that the combination of our powertrain strategy - with our range of Energy engines – and our electric vehicle strategy is bearing fruit. Thanks to these innovations, Renault Group is achieving tangible results and maintaining its objective to significantly reduce the long-term environmental footprint of its activities. At the same time, these improvements are beneficial for both the planet and our customers.”

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