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As the French automaker Renault try to make their stamp on the Indian market, they are looking to introduce 2 new models to their range by 2015.

These two new models will be a small car and an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). These are two of the leading vehicle types in the Indian market and Renault see this as a way of taking ground in the Indian market.

Currently Renault have 2 percent of the Indian market and look to increase this to 5 percent within three years. Renault sold 64,000 vehicles in India last year (2013) and are looking to increase their dealerships from 125 to 175 in India. They already have proposed plans for new dealerships in Aizawl, Shillong, Dibrugarh and Jorhat.

Renault are aiming to make these two new vehicles on their own and not part of a joint venture with Nissan. The 3 Renault models currently on sale in the Indian market are the cross-badging Duster, Pulse and Scala. They are all joint ventures with Nissan but Renault want to introduce distinct Renault vehicles into the small car and SUV markets of India.

Sumit Sawhney is the CEO and Managing Director of Renault India had this to say about the introduction of a small car: “India would continue to remain a small car market. About 50 per cent of the cars sold are in the sub Rs 4-lakh segments. How can any automobile company stay out of this segment?”

The small car is expected to be built on the common module family platform and will sit just below the Pulse Hatchback.

Do you think Renault are making the right choice by going it alone with these two vehicles? Let us know what you think in our comments box below.

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